Headquarters   70 Industrial Park Access Road, Middlefield, CT 06455| 860.838.5322

What we do:

Why Reficio: 

Building Consultants 
Construction Management
Clerking Services
Litigation & Testimony
Project Monitoring/Control
Dispute Resolution 
Property Loss Scope & Estimation
Fire/Water/Smoke Restoration Consulting
Builders Risk
Construction Defect

Experts in General Contracting and Reconstruction

Over 100 years of experience

Available for appraisals and expert testimony

Meaning behind the name:

Reficio (Latin)

From re-("back;again") + facio ("do,make"). 

I make over, make anew; remake, rebuild, reconstruct, restore, renew, repair, refit.

​​​"Solutions you can count on, A company you can trust."