Meaning behind the name:

Reficio (Latin)

From re-("back;again") + facio ("do,make"). 

I make over, make anew; remake, rebuild, reconstruct, restore, renew, repair, refit.

Headquarters   70 Industrial Park Access Road, Middlefield, CT 06455 | 860.838.5322

Our Company

Founded in 2010 and Nationally Trademarked 2013 

75+ years of work experience with all insurance companies

Restoration Industry Association (RIA): Certified Restorer, CR #315

Member of advisory committee that wrote the standard for smoke and fire restoration through RIA​​

Recognized as an expert appraiser and umpire in formal appraisal proceedings

Utilized for expert testimony

Three Senior Consultants on staff

Fully staffed, 2400 S.F. company headquarters in Middlefield, CT

Our goal is to help our clients make better forecasting, pricing, and claim decisions through our fact based experiences.  We strive to be a highly trusted business partner and we work diligently to ensure our affiliates achieve significant value.  

Our Mission

​​​"Solutions you can count on, A company you can trust."